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Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are popping up and then closing down all across South Mississippi each and every day. It’s common to see ads on Facebook or google or in the newspaper claiming “low down payments” or “no credit check” or “bad credit financing” or a number of other catchy, in your face advertisements trying to get you to come in and shop with them. Sometimes these ads almost seem too good to be true. You ask yourself, why in the world would a car dealer WANT to finance someone that has a history of not paying their note or two or three repos in the last two years, with $500 down or “no money down”. How could they possibly stay in business?

The answer to that question is that these ADS ARE TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!! When you get there, as you know, there is always more to the story or the particular nice low mileage car for $500 down just got sold. They always want to put you in this car they have around back or tell you that you need a cosigner etc… Nothing sucks more than getting your hopes up and then getting let down. When you pull out of the dealership with your new 1998 Nissan Sentra for $395 down, all you can think about is how much this isn’t the car you expected to get. From the moment you leave, you have a negative attitude towards the car. So, when an unexpected repair happens, it’s really kinda easy to just say “forget it” and let it go agains your credit as a repo, IF THEY EVEN REPORT TO THE CREDIT BUREAU!

Now, let’s have a look at the other side of the coin. David Dearman Autoplex Gulfport has been financing cars thru it’s very own finance company, Southern Auto Credit. We specialize in Buy Here Pay Here. We have been financing cars for people with credit score problems for over 40 years now. From those 40 years, we have learned what works and what doesn’t work. We will NOT just finance anyone with a heartbeat and a down payment. So, if you sell drugs or don’t work, we do NOT WANT YOU AS A CUSTOMER. However, if you have had “life” happen to you and have fallen on hard times and are trying to re-establish yourself and have enough income to justify a $300-$400 car, truck, or SUV note, then come see us because WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN OUR FAMILY HERE!! We understand that situations can sometimes appear out of no where and damage ones credit. We know that recent bankruptcies or recent divorces can hurt your credit score. We BELIEVE that someone that has GOOD JOB STABILITY AND INCOME ABILITY deserves that “First Time Buyer” chance. We absolutely do NOT want to repo your car just so we can resell it and make a profit. We want you to pay this note, build your credit by paying your note, and then come buy your second, third and fourth vehicle from David Dearman Autoplex and refer all your friends and family too. So, if you have good job and residence stability and your income shows you have the ability to pay your note without overloading yourself, we will sell and finance you a car regardless of your credit score.

Here are the requirements for financing:

  • *Proof of Income… LEGIT Job letters and award letters for fixing income will work. Bank statements will work. Check stubs always work
  • *Proof of Residency… LEGIT utility bills, bank statements, address on license, etc…
  • *Valid License…
  • *Proof of Insurance before you leave 

We can always make exceptions based on higher down payments. The higher the down payment, the lower the risk for us and the lower your notes will be so ALWAYS try to INVEST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR DOWN PAYMENT!

We are a reputable Buy Here Pay Here dealership in Mississippi proudly serving Gulfport, MS, Biloxi, MS, Saucier, MS, Pass Christian, MS, Bay St. Louis, MS, Waveland, MS, Hattiesburg, MS, Lumberton, MS, and all of the surrounding areas in Harrison County Mississippi, Hancock County Mississippi, Jackson County Mississippi, Forrest County Mississippi and Lamar County Mississippi. We also accept business from Mobile, AL, New Orleans, LA, and anywhere else in a 200 mile radius of Gulfport, MS. So if you’re looking for a “no credit check” car lot on the Gulf Coast, we aren’t it. We DO check your credit but your credit score will NOT disqualify you for a bad credit auto loan. We have an internal scoring system to calculate down payments and credit score is only one of 18 different criteria.

When you think “Buy Here Pay Here, Think David Dearman Gulfport”. We are the original buy here pay here car lot of South Mississippi. Easy Approvals because WE ARE THE BANK.

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